Writers – the New “Indie Artists”

Just like the traditional music industry, the traditional publishing industry is dying. No longer will there be a publisher to put out your book with their ginormous Marketing/PR/Advertising machine behind you to push you to the NYT bestseller list or Oprah’s book club. Welcome to the world being an “indie” artist. After writing your book, you now have to be the extremely small (albeit capable) Marketing/PR/Advertising machine behind... Read More

Avocet Travel – Breathe Bahia Campaign

Breath Bahia was a print ad campaign created with intentions of visually describing the emotion and beauty of Brazil.  Read More

BSDC: Know the Facts Don’t Lose Your Home Campaign

BSDC: Know the Facts Don’t Lose Your Home Campaign. Palm Cards, Bus Ad, Web Site, Print Ads & Web Banners, English and Spanish Subway Ads, Flyers    Read More

Gettin’ Down With Gospel Uptown

Services Utilized • Branding • Interactive Website Development • Email Campaign • Print Advertising • Visual Design • Custom Application Development  Read More