The Sister Fund: H.O.T. Study

The Sister Fund is a private foundation that supports and gives voice to women working for justice from a religious framework. We call these women the Healers of Our Time, because we believe that the healing work of progressive religious women plays a crucial role in the development of a society in which all people can be socially, economically, politically and spiritually empowered.

The Sister Fund came to Ashay looking to create something exciting and engaging. Our selected concept was based off comic book art and design. We created custom illustrations along with a bold color palette to execute the through-line in both pieces. Below are: 6×6″ Healers of Our Time book, 12×9 large envelope & the 90 page Mapping Report.

Cover and Internal Spreads

The Sister Fund

THe Sister Fund, Mapping Report, Cover

Internal Spreads

The Sister Fund