Clients don’t buy process, they buy ideas and result… period.
– ASHAY team mantra

With that said, here is a quick sketch of how we do what we do.

Discovery: Insights and Ideas

Starts with insights and ideas from you and your team.  Ideas are tested with a combination of research, user scenario development, and information gathering.

Strategy: Planning, Visioning, Roadmap

Business goals are identified, and then we roll up our collective sleeves pick up our pencils and start planning, prioritizing and roadmapping. Yes, roadmapping. We know it isn’t a word. We made it up.

We’re just that dedicated.

Execution: Comping, Design | UI experience specifications, system requirements | client & server side development, integration | Testing & QA
This is a big one. Where the real meat of the project lies. Execution is completely dependent upon the deliverables and media we have identified as mandatories in our discovery and strategy stages.

Listen: Learn: Evolve: 

Now that the project is launched.  It looks beautiful. It works perfectly. Now what? Now the real work begins. We monitor the conversation, maintain the touch points and measuring impact. Are we connecting with our target users? What are they saying? Are they engaged?