Music Podcasters… Almost There

Before there was terrestrial radio where program directors picked (or were bribed) to play big artists over and over and over and, uh… over again. Now we have internet PodCasters who have the freedom to play whatever they want to a targeted audience. But, it’s still not quite there yet. The PodCasters have taken it to the extreme to play a completely different set list every show. So, the song I heard and loved on their last... Read More

Writers – the New “Indie Artists”

Just like the traditional music industry, the traditional publishing industry is dying. No longer will there be a publisher to put out your book with their ginormous Marketing/PR/Advertising machine behind you to push you to the NYT bestseller list or Oprah’s book club. Welcome to the world being an “indie” artist. After writing your book, you now have to be the extremely small (albeit capable) Marketing/PR/Advertising machine behind... Read More

Michael McGlone release his 5-song EP “Love, Michael”

While McGlone is finishing up his 3rd album, “Speed,” Ashay Media Group, suggested he release a special, digital-only 5-song EP. “Artists have full control over how and when they release music to the public,” says Stephen A. TrahanMiller, Co-Owner and Executive Producer at Ashay, “and Michael was really excited about being able to offer this collection of songs.” "Love, Michael" Album Cover Art     Below... Read More

Roxanna Floyd Pilot (video)

Roxanna Floyd’s “Beauty Box” pilot. [flashvideo file= /]  Read More